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I'm a fellow artist wishing to increase my talent and reach a professional level of expertise in hopes of having my stories brought to life in the world.

Update on life and advice

Wed Nov 18, 2015, 8:18 PM
Hello~  So the last journal I posted was just to catch up on tags and whatnot ^^;  Now this journal, I'd like to take a moment to talk about what I've been doing in life and just to inform everyone how things are and what my plans are.  So first thing is first, I have a job in a furniture store that does eat up a lot of my time during the week and weekends.  I get 2 days off, but more often than not, I'm also working Saturdays and my time off is split to different days during the week.  As a result, I'm able to at least pay bills and survive :w00t: but the bad news is my time is very limited moreso than when I went to school/college. (But hey at least i don't have homework to do with this job :D) So every day I have off, I try my utmost hardest to at least get in some drawing time so I can keep making artwork for everyone.  So I just wanted to let everyone know how my schedule looks most of the time and it's very crowded with just working at my job at the furniture store overall.  I do get holidays off, but not as much time off as I used to get for holidays when I was in school.  Either way, I'll find a way to work around my limited time.

Also a few other things that happened to me during the past few months is I was threatened to be taken to collections from a bill that was supposedly not paid for.  I had to go through that whole song and dance proving that I did pay my bill and have paperwork proving so.  And then on top of that, a week after I finished with the first incident, my old college contacted me and sent me a bill for a class I took 2 years ago.  Turns out with the college, they forgot to bill me 2 years ago -_-   Needless to say, this was taking a toll on me and was inconvenient to say the least.  How do you honestly forget to bill someone for a class and then bill them 2 years later?.......  Anyway, I got that straightened out, but I'm exhausted from both incidents.

Anyway here is my advice to give based on recent events:

ALWAYS keep paper copies and receipts of the bills you pay.  Because some people will try to come after you years down the road claiming you didn't pay a bill and threatening to take you to collections, but in reality, it was a mistake on their end and you can at least show proof so they will get off your back and correct the mistake THEY made.

Also, if you are in college and about to graduate, it is always a good idea to get an official copy of your transcript to keep for your records for yourself.  Trust me, there are a few employers out there who don't care about your degree, they wanna see transcripts so that way it will prove you didn't lie about your degree or something like that.  So if you have your official transcript after college, you can take that to a notary and get an official copy made with a seal from a notary proving they saw an official docuement.  People don't tell you this when you are in college and you think they would but they don't.  So I'll just tell people now.

Now, here are my plans I have for my artwork:

I had a sudden realization, seeing that the year is about to end and I haven't made a lot of headway with my manga or with the amount of pictures I wanted to completed by now.  I realized that I am a slow worker and I have trouble overcoming my own self.  When it comes to art, I try to work fast to make deadlines and try to make a LOT of artwork before putting any up, but I always find myself failing to keep these goals and it did eventually get to me.  So now I'm changing my game plans.  I want to update frequently, but I realize I can't do that if I'm also working on a lot of projects at once.  Nothing gets finished.  So I'll instead try to focus on the quality of the artwork vs. frequently updating.  I want to update frequently as possible, but with the way I've been going about it, that has just backfired several times.  I figured if I put up even 1 picture of the utmost quality I could possibly muster vs. putting up lots of pictures at once; it would be better. 

As for one of my mangas, I want the first chapter of Revenant of Black Ribbon to be finished.  I haven't forgotten about it.  It was always on my mind each and every day, and I also wanna apologize for putting it on hiatus for so long without keeping up-to-date with everyone.  I am sincerely, so sorry.  So I wanna make just 1 goal, and I'd like to get the first chapter finished before the end of this year.  I don't know if I'll be able to make that goal, but I'm gonna try by setting up little goals at a time.  I also realize that working on the manga and working on other artworks at the same time won't work anymore.  As a result, I decided to focus most of my time soley to the manga chapter till it's finished and do some artworks when I have a small moment or need some down time.  This steady pace will actually bug me at first, because I am a bit impatient with myself, but, hopefully, it'll prove more efficient than my last plans.

I hope this will help answer any forgotten questions or at least show I'm not dead here DA and do intend to continue to put up work.  Before I finish this, cause I've rambled on long enough, I just wanna say thanks so much to all of you who are continuing to support me, even if it's just a simple hello or even a fave of my old artworks.  :heart:  I want to work hard to not let anyone down but I've come to realize a few of my limitations.  I'll try to work past those limitations so I can continue to create artwork for everyone and myself.  Thanks and I hope everyone else's lives are going alright~

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